Can't receive emails

I have recently set up my account and I’ve set my MX record for the emails in the control panel. I can send emails to my gmail and ntlworld accounts but can’t receive.
I’ve followed all the other resolutions on the forum in terms of checking the MX record and disabling cloudflare but still doesn’t work.

Help appreciated. Thanks Trine

The records for the domain have been corrupted (I can see instead of a MX record a CNAME record that points to Can you please remove, add the domain again and wait at least 24 hours for the changes to propagate?

Thank you. Is it just in the MX records that I remove it or do I need to do it anywhere else as well?

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You need to remove the MX records and the domains, then add them again.

I’m really not sure what I’m doing here…I think I’ve removed the domain and mx records but it’s not allowing me to add the domain back on. Could you please help me out here with some instructions. Thanks

Did you delete the Addon Domain you were trying to configure PHPMailer on? Then please follow these steps:

  • If you’ve created a subdomain before, re-create it using the “Subdomains” section on the Control Panel;
  • If you’ve added a domain, but accidentally deleted it, use the “Addon Domains” section on the Control Panel to add it again.

Then wait at least 24 hours for DNS propagation, and re-do all my steps again (if a new directory for the subdomain/new domain was created).

Thank you for your help. The emails are now working but I seem to have lost the standard homepage that showed something like ‘your site is now ready to be built’… have I broken something else instead???:see_no_evil:

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Now you can upload files for your website on yourdomain/htdocs!

Yes sorry I didn’t explain what I meant very well. Having looked in the ftp section I have the htdocs folder and within that is the test index2.html page… however if you type in you don’t get that page up.
There is now a sub category called and inside that another htdocs folder. This doesn’t have the test index2 pages. Should the domain name appear as a sub folder?

Then copy the index2.html in the domain folder/htdocs/ if you want your visitors to see the InfinityFree welcome page.

Ok, I just want sure if it was supposed to be in a sub folder.

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