Cant receive emails!


I have recently set up email for my domain I have change the MX record to “ as well. The email which i created [email protected] works fine if sent an email to my gmail id and receive email from my gmail id.

The problem is that i have recently signed up in commodo ssl for 90 days free SSL. They need to do Domain Control Validation (DCV), for this, they supposed to send a verfication code on [email protected]. But after many trial, i didn’t get the code to verify or didn’t get any mail from commodo. I thought may be it’s commodo mail server couldn’t able to send me mail or there would be some server error from commodo’s side.

So i searched for another free SSL provider “CloudFlare”. This time i just simply signed up with “[email protected]”, after that like all other websites, it also told me to verify email but i still got the same result. After many trial, i didn’t get any verification mail or didn’t any type mail from CloudFlare as well.

Question is that:

1. How can my gmail id able to receive mail from [email protected] when it is not properly fixed?
2. If it is fixed, why i didn’t received other mails on [email protected] which are from commodo or cloudflare?

Kindly, help to solve this issue… @Admin

Sending and receiving email are generally unrelated to each other. So it’s entirely possible that sending works while receiving doesn’t, or vice versa. In fact, it’s possible to use entirely different providers to send and receive email on the same domain!

I have no idea, I can’t check their mail logs to see what the status of the message is.

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