Cant reach this page!

Hmmm… can’t reach this page took too long to respond

It was working before but doesnt anymore ,i hope it gets fixed because i did a lot of work in it

Can you find the IP address for your site in the client area? Also, you can always (and should) keep a backup of your site by downloading the files with FTP software.

yes this is the ip

can someone help i really need it

It looks like IP address is down at the moment (I don’t know when it will be enabled)

If it is urgent - you can try to remove that free subdomain from the system and add it again and hope that this act will be assigned a new IP


Does my site content get deleted

It is definitely good to have a backup always

You can create some new hosting acc (three is allowed)
and then raise a clone of the website there (you choose a similar address and a free subdomain)
so if it’s urgent then it will be on that new IP and address.

You can leave the old one so when the IP starts works - it will be available.

In addition it is useful to have a place where you can experiment


i have no clue how to do it

Backup or create another hosting acc in Client Area ?


I created the website totally with wordpress and elemntor im afraid i wont be able to restore it completly like the one i had but i guess i still have the domain and it can be fixed again , how much does it usually take for an ip to get restored

If it’s part of a problem that lasts a couple of days then probably quickly.

If the IP is currently under DDoS attack then it really depends on when the attack will stop (which can be in 5 min or 7 days).

I don’t know why the IP doesn’t work so I can’t give a concrete answer (sorry).

for WP it is necessary to make a backup of the database as well (not just files).

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