Cant move to another page

The problem is when i move to another page such as login the url change but its not showing any other page except home page, i tried to search on google to solve the htaccess but theres no solution about it.
On my localhost theres no problem at all when i hosting it then the errors come😭

What is it suppose to show?
This is what I see


If you cannot show the issue we cannot help you


It suppose to show the detail of the orphanage

Saying this is not helpful at all

This is not helpful either.
What we need is proof

still applies


when u select one of panti asuhan it show the detail like ths

I did a little bit of debugging on your code.

The .htaccess rule is working fine. When I go to , the $_GET['url'] parameter is login. After that, you PHP code should be able to load the appropriate page.

As for why it doesn’t do that, I don’t know. But the data is being fed to your code in the way you configured it, so it’s either your code that’s not picking it up or your configuration that’s not feeding it correctly.


so is there any solution about it?

Yes, this can probably be fixed. But you know that better than I do, because it’s your code that doesn’t appear to be working.

“But it works on my machine” doesn’t help much here because I don’t have access to your computer so I can’t check what’s different. Maybe the code or configuration isn’t exactly the same, or maybe there is a difference between how the server stack on your own computer and the one on our systems works.

To find out what’s going wrong, you’ll probably need to disect and debug the URL routing logic in your code to figure out why the URL parameter doesn’t get picked up.

And while I’m happy to help with any hosting issues, I’m not going to study and debug your code because there is a bug or compatibility issue in it. We just provide the hosting, building a website on it that works is up to you.


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