Can't migrate my site (a forum in phpbb3)

I migrated my site to here and also imported my MySQL database.
Although, I dont know how to link the site to the database. It’s a phpbb3 forum.

Id appreciate any help.


In the folder of your website should be a file named config.php. That file contains the database credentials which phpBB tries to use to connect to the database. Please ensure that those credentials match the username/password of your hosting account, and have the right database name and database hostname.

The username and password can be found in the client area, the database information can be found in the control panel in the MySQL Databases menu.

Thanks for answering.

But that’s the thing: I already tried to access through ‘config’, but then shows a error (403).
You can see yourself:

Admin wants to say that you go with monstaFTP (file manager), edit that file and enter the right values
(it would be a security flaw if anyone could visit it in the way you did)

Ah… sure. You’re right.
Thanks a lot.

Well… it worked now. Althoughm veeery slowly. Is it normal?
And by the way… why my domain shows as ‘no safe’ (with https with some line on it)?

You have 301 redirect from http to https
But you don’t have a certificate !

Probably wrong settings for forum URL (obtain a certificate or use HTTP)

Ok. But sorry, I didnt quite understand.
I thought the SSL certificate was activated, as it says on cPanel.

If you do not possess your own certificate
then on CloudFlare (crypto section) Select SSL FULL

And check your settings because you currently have a redirect loop

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