Can't manage anything from my cPanel

As of just ten minutest ago something happened after i created a subdomain and started to upload monstra cms on it. What just happened? Did i get suspended for some reason? for some reason i dont seam to have a hosting volume anymore nor home directory. I don’t have any options in cpanel either also noticed that the php file loaded for my cpanel is “index_cp_sus.php” does this mean im suspended?

Username: epiz_17241779
URL: and

Great regards, Mattias Magnusson

@mattish91 Yes, your account is suspended. Next time you should read TOS more carefully, but it may not have been your fault though. Sometimes auto-security system may think that your site is malicious, because of unusual domain names, weird files. Make sure that your site didn’t had any pornography on it, because pornography is only allowed on premium hosting. Also make sure that there was no file hosting/sharing service on your site.

Better you should ask @Admin!

You should have received an e-mail with more information about the suspension. It also says that you should contact [email protected] if you want to get it reactivated.

Humm, this is wierd since i haven’t got any email from you, i just checked my spam as well and there is no mail there. Ill contact [email protected] about this and see what i did wrong. Thanks!

Hi i got this mail from Grendelhosting saying that my account was suspended on a false alarm file and that my account have gotten re-activated but my cpanel is still empty, did i get suspended again? Thanks

If you believe your account is still suspended or suspended again, just reply to the ticket! We’ll need to check it anyways.