Can't login wp-admin


I wanted to migrate my website to infinityfree so i created account by using custom domain which was ppreviously hosted on hostinger. now i have installed fresh wordpress on using softaculous on infinityfree and now i am not able to login to wp-admin ,i am intended to migrate my site using updraftplus so i need access to dashboard of my newly installed wordpress so that i can install updraftplus plugin .please guide me.

If the domain is newly added to Infinity, you need to wait up to 72 hrs due to dns propagation.
Updraftplus plugin would not work here. You need to upload your contents manually via ftp.


Thank you.still i have not changed nameservers because i need access to my old wp-admin ,because i ahve seen one youtube video of migrating website from one host to another using updraft plus.
My question is why i am not able to access my wp-admin on infinityfree .when visiting htdocs folder
its showing correct files and folders as fresh installation ,but when iam visiting softaculous and clicking on link Http:// it is not taking my new login details ,only accepting old wordpress login details installed on hostinger .so whts the exact issue.please tell me.

In order to access wp-admin on Infinity, your domain needs to be pointing to Infinity nameserver.
Since domain is pointing to hostinger, your wp-admin is being accessed from hostinger


ok .i will make changes ,thank you.


You do you, but I would recommend against going that route. Backup plugins have a tendency to cause a wide ranges of issues, usually resulting in a corrupted website.

Instead, I would suggest following our official guide and just migrate the full WordPress installation on the server level:


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