Cant login, but website still active

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cant login to account

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ssl has expired, but site comes up (http, ssl expired) on browser, cannot login to account, cant reset password as infinity no longer recognizes my email address.
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Have had to create a new account to come onto this forum. My email address is not recognized (cant reset password). Have been ill for past few months so did not access my account, could it have expired or something? Have had emails from infinity reminding me to renew ssl cert, but am unable to do anything as cant login.

While we do delete hosting accounts for inactivity, if your website still works it means that this did not happen. And we obviously won’t disable a client area profile when there is still an active hosting account linked to it.

If it doesn’t recognize your email address, then it sounds to me like you forgot the email address. Please be sure to check all the email addresses you have and see if they contain any messages from us, or try requesting a password reset for them.

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Thanks for the quick response… Have not forgotton my email address, is the same one that infinity has been emailing me about renewing the ssl cert, same one I have used for years. I have just tried to login with it again, I put my email address in, click ‘forgotten password’ and the response is ‘We can’t find a user with that email address’.

Is there anything you can do to check this for me? Have spent some time searching the net for a solution but could only find cases where users have had their account suspended that cant login. Any suggestions would be very welcome as I am at a loss about what to do next…

If the forgot password form says there is no such email address, then it means there is no such email address. The account is clearly active, and client area profiles are never deleted automatically anyways, which can only mean that the email address you think the profile has is different from what we have on file.

There are many different reasons why this could happen. A few possible reasons come to mind:

  • You configured the email address we have on file to forward to a different address.
  • The email address of your profile was changed between when those emails were sent and now.

Which email address do you think the domain name is linked to? Is it the same one as you’ve used to sign up for this account? Or is it something else?

If you don’t want to share it in public, I can send you a DM you can reply to.

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Please send me a dm…

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