Can't log into file manager

Maybe iFastNet didn’t solve the issue as soon as possible. At least I fixed my FTP server now, but the other FTP doesn’t seem to work. That’s weird for both me and you.

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Probably it’s under maintenance?


I wish. I’ve to take backup from my database if it’s DDoSed

Very worrying.

I not want it happens which happened to me on April 8

I doubt it’s ddos. But give me an IP or isp…


Maybe someone managed to get a FTP server downtaker, and let many users connect to their FTP server to make it unavailable for us. So we can’t edit, upload or download files until it’s fixed.

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my my. i haven’t any backups from my site :weary:

If things are fixed, get the backups ASAP

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of course


Maybe it also happened for me the same thing on April 8. But I created an account on this forum 14 days later that day.

I lost whatever i had on 000webhost on this day

but it was a reason to avoid it

Hostinger and 000webhost both use SHA-1 to store the passwords, so it’s not secure, and it’s easy to hack if you don’t have safe passwords. So your account got hacked on April 8.

SHA-1 and not encrypted?

but? it was a starter thingy. i was unable to access my databases mahaha.

so it cannot be cuz i could login into DB after the remove
edit: you mean with things like sql injection?

Maybe they leaked the database, and deleted your database tables inside of it? I didn’t have a website with MySQL and PHP at the times I was testing 000webhost.

i removed them myself. i got bsod by visiting them due the browser issue. tried to login them. it did not allow. but after this day i could visit but without any DB. i also was unable to visit file manager on this day

Now I got it.

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