Can't install Site Builder


On my account: epiz_21671540, I added an addon domain: and deleted the primary domain with which I had started the account. Now, I want to create a site builder at So, I’m choosing the domain as and upload directory as thevhgroup/htdocs. But, I’m getting the error: The domain is not added to your account, please ensure the domain is configured through the control panel. The domain is properly connected and when that domain tried to connect to, I am getting the hosting page. So, it is working. How do I add the site builder then? Please, help! It’s kinda urgent!

I’ve checked this issue and it looks your like your domain name was configured correctly. However, due to an issue on our end, it didn’t detect your domain name correctly because you’re using Cloudflare on it.

A bugfix is being deployed as we speak, please try in a few minutes and you should be able to set up the builder.

Yeah. It’s done now. Thanks for the help!