Can't get emails

My website URL is:

Hi, I have added my domain for hosting on Infinity free and set up the MX records as per what it says to set up on the site but still now been over a few days I cannot get any emails or set up any forwarder emails.

I looked through the knowledge base and can not find the answer even gone through on how to set up MX records.

Could you please check and advise the solution.

Cloudflare’s cPanel integration breaks MX records and subdomains; so I recommend disabling it from the cPanel, waiting a bit and going here to add the Domain on a Free plan, check the DNS records if they’re correct and change the nameservers to them from your domain registrar.

Hi thanks but its already added in Cloudflare and where do i check in DNS records? inside Cpanel or in Cloudflare?

If you enabled Cloudflare from the cPanel, then you would use cPanel to manage them. If you added the Domain to Cloudflare using, then you would manage them by going on the DNS section of it. If you will add the domain to Cloudflare using, you would change the nameservers from your domain registrar’s panel.

it already says the following inside my cpanel
do i need to change it ?
and if i change my domain Register to what is the second DNS. And they usually 1 and 2?

You don’t need to delete/change the records that point to {your domain}
If you’re going to point the DNS to Cloudflare (not transfer the Domain to them), you need to go to Cloudflare on the cPanel, alter the changes for your domain, and click on the button to disable it. After some hours, use the “Add Site” button on the Cloudflare’s dashboard to add the Domain without www, select the Free plan, and change the nameservers to them from your domain registrar’s panel (not from here). You can find your domain registrar’s informations by going to and searching for your domain name in it. Then go to its address, log in for its panel and change the nameservers.

thanks for your help i will try it later.

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