Can't get e-mail forwarding working

Hello there,

your e-mail forwarding service had been working flawlessly until May 12. After that I can’t receive any e-mail! Moreover, I can’t even modify forwarders!

What’s going on?

Like you can read in the screenshot, email accounts (and email forwarders) are no longer supported on free hosting due to spam issues. This has been discussed in many, many other topics already, so just search the forum for details.

Did you delete the forwarders yourself (to attempt to recreate them)? Or did they disappear on their own?

In any case, we’ve deprecated the email service. So if there is a major delivery issue, we’re not going to fix it. And if your accounts got deleted somehow, we’re not going to recreate them for you.

If you’re looking for an email forwarding service, I hear good things about


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