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My website has been taken down as it apparently breaks rules, but it is an education site. Can anyone help?



If given the opportunity, please open a support ticket via the link in the client area.



How do I do this? I can’t find the button.

Open the control panel, and select the suspended account from the account list. The link should be right at the top in a red box.


When I click on it it just sends me back to infinity free and does nothing, not letting me open a ticket.

Please try submitting a ticket from the client area. The control panel also has buttons for support tickets, but we don’t use that system, and we have no way to cleanly integrate those buttons into our own panel.

If you click your account in the Accounts list, and the account is suspended, there should be a big red button saying “Create Support Ticket” pretty much in the middle of the page.

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It doesn’t have anything there.

I’m sorry for the trouble caused. It seems like something weird happen in the hosting system where the account got suspended and the client area didn’t get notified about it. And although the client area can recover some states, the exact suspension state is different from any other suspension we’ve seen before, which is why it couldn’t be imported. That issue has been fixed now.

I checked the suspension and it seems like a false positive, so your account is being restored right now.


Ok thanks, I’ll take a look at the website, as we’ve probably lost a lot of revenue from ads whilst it’s been down, but thanks for your swift response

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