Can't delete my old emails.


I was trying to delete some of my email addresses. When I tried to delete one that had looked like “info+no-reply”, it said that it has illegal characters and I need to contact support.

Well, at the time when emails were created there was no “illegal characters” error.

How could I delete them now? Some screenshot:


Can @Admin help me with this issue, please? This is really important, I’m switching from Forwarders to real webmail and I need to delete my old no-reply emails.

I can probably get them removed from you. What’s the username of the account on which these broken email addresses exist?

My account label is “” and my FTP username is “epiz_20664020”.

I wish to remove following emails:
[email protected],
[email protected],
[email protected],
[email protected].

OK, I’ve sent a request to the server admins to get these email accounts removed.

The email addresses have been removed now.