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I’m new to phpadmin. I created a test database (called test) and created a table, but when I went to create a stored procedure (routine), I click the ‘Routines’ tab and get a page where I can see a line that says ‘Add routine’ but it’s not clickable. I checked tutorials in youtube and I see it should be a pushable link that opens a window to create a database routine, but in my case it’s not a pushable link, just text. Not sure what I’m doing wrong.

Can you try using a different browser/device? Sometimes the control panel gets funky on certain browsers.

That was on Chrome. I just tried it in MS Edge, same thing.

Can you please share a screenshot? (Or short video in GIF) format? Please include the address bar.

Sorry, I just found this written by that admin:

Sorry, views and procedures are not available on free hosting.

You will need to upgrade to premium hosting for this feature.


Oh I see, thanks, that had me scratching my head.

Not a problem! If you need anything else, just let me know! (Also, please mark this topic as solved, thanks!)

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