Can't create new hosting account

Hello, that’s me again :sweat_smile:
Why i can’t create more hosting account in my account?
It like this

why on my main account it doesn’t have a button called “create account” but on another it does? Can somebody help me resolve this problem? :heart_eyes:

Hello there,

Have you already checked your profile as what the message told you to do so? The system might have attached something important in your profile to inform you regarding about some functionalities being disabled for your account.


And Remember: Creating multiple accounts is not allowed and will be terminated.


Like the message says:

Some functionality has been disabled until you’ve fixed this

Account creation is one of those functionalities. You need to make sure your client area profile has a confirmed working email address in order to be able to create more accounts.

And remember: the limit is three free hosting accounts per PERSON. We’re enforcing this restriction on email addresses (for lack of a better method), but that doesn’t mean you’re allowed to create multiple client area profiles to create more email addresses. Like @anon19508339 said: if we find that someone is doing this, we may terminate all your accounts.


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