Cant create hosting account

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Error Message

The selected custom domain is already in use on Please remove the custom domain from your account at before you can host it on InfinityFree.

Other Information

Already set name server to ns1.epizy .com and ns2.epizy .com 3 days ago, but still received this error message
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Do you remember creating account there? If not, register and create support ticket at to remove domain


my domain is new here

do you create support ticket yet?

yes i did

It seems you have an account already active on another iFastNet reseller with that domain. If you own that other hosting account, you must delete it before you can use the domain here.

If you don’t have any idea about this other account, use @FlutterHoney’s suggestion and create a support ticket at iFastNet.


The error message tells you clearly what to do, doesn’t it? What makes you think that changing the nameservers will fix this? Especially when the error message specifically tells you to do something else?


its already 3 days, you can check via, my nameserver already pointed to and

We’re all happy to help you, but we can’t help you if you completely ignore what everyone here is saying and insist the issue is about nameservers.

It’s not about nameservers. Read the error message. Try to understand it. It doesn’t say anything about nameservers.

I’m still happy to help you with this. But I won’t respond to this topic again unless you actually start reading what people are saying and try their suggestions.


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