Can't connecting to my domain

Please note the following:

  • Setting up the CNAME record only works for domain validation. After you’ve added the domain to your account, you’ll still need to update your domain’s DNS settings to point it to our servers (either by using our nameservers on your domain or by setting the necessary records at your current DNS provider).
  • After changing any DNS settings, it can take up to 72 hours for your domain name to start working everywhere due to DNS caching: When will my domain name start working

When I check your domain name right now, I see a 403 Forbidden page. That’s normal on new domain names, and simply indicates that no website has been uploaded to the site yet. If you’ve already uploaded your website and still see this issue, please see this article for more things to watch out for: Redirected to InfinityFree 403 Forbidden page

Finally, when checking your domain name, I see you have both our nameservers and the nameservers of your domain registrar configured. As a rule of thumb: never have multiple sets of nameservers on your domain. Please choose whether you want to use our nameservers or the nameservers of your domain provider, and remove all nameservers from your domain except for those from the provider you want to use.