Can't connect to website

My website URL is:

What I’m seeing is: Can not connect to website through proxy only through my local desktop

I’m using this software: The website is built using WordPress

Additional information:

For me it works fine. Maybe the proxy blocks access to your website, so try to remove it?


It seems fine.

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Does not work for the people I ask too check it except you guys. Is there some browsers restrictions? When I try to connect through a proxy I just get the error that I need to enable cookies, but I have cookies enabled :thinking:

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None of my friends can enter it :confused: Is there some settings they need to enable in their web browser?

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No, unless they are blocking cookies or JavaScript.


Websites require cookie | Javascript to be verified. If one of them be disabled, you’ll either see enable cookie error or a blank page.

It looks that the proxy you use disables one of them.


I have tested on different devices and apparently some safari mobile browser do not enable cookies or javascript by default :thinking:

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