Cant connect to remote MariaDB on

After changing my DNS on my main domain the website can’t connect to a database anymore that I setup on the host of the domain (dynamicDNS - updated every 30mins).
I’d like to request a restart of the v-server or a dns refresh. If that is possible at least

MySQL remote access is not available on free hosting. If you want it please consider upgrading to Premium Hosting as it offers more features.


I meant cant connect to remote mariadb from … not on sorry
And I also wanted to ask if the IP from your server is static and will not change over time

What is this support even for if you dont read messages correctly? Im not doing anything Im not allowed to on my domain. I connect from it to a remote database and not from anything else to it? Could you please at least try to respond to that?

Also thanks for reporting my domain as spam… your support is a joke.

I’m not quite sure what exactly you’re looking to do.

Our database servers can only be used from within the code running on our servers. Our database servers are not accessible from the rest of the internet. On the other hand, you should be able to use code running here to access a MySQL database on an external system, as long as you’re using the standard MySQL port 3306 for this.

If you changed your DNS, it may indeed take a bit of time to take effect. However, this is not something we or you can easily reset. If you have a domain name which changes fairly often, setting a low TTL on the DNS record can help mitigate downtime in case of an IP switch.

And please make sure that the remote database server allows access from external servers too.

Looking at the staff logs, nobody did anything here except for you. No staff actions were taking against your account.

On the other hand, you did rapidly post the same message from a new account, which makes it quite likely that the automated spam protection of the forum software kicked in.

Because please do keep in mind that this is a forum. Forums are a bit different from an instant message system. In a forum, you’re supposed to collect your thoughts before posting, rather than just rapidly dumping single sentence messages.

So please stop and think next time before throwing unfounded accusations around, shall we?


What I wanted to do was clearly stated in my first post. I wanted to edit my replies, but you cant on your forum. Not saying that I didnt do anything wrong but I merged posts and deleted the old ones, so its easier to read…
I didnt spam anything. And my database was accessible before, I just wanted a dns refresh. It is cleary stated in the message, not too hard to read that imo. But well thanks for finally answering my simple question after a day after my domain for whatever reason got reported and blacklisted by some1.
Also telling me to buy a premium account wouldnt have helped me at all so you could say the same thing to the guy writing his reply here without reading my message.
Im over this but now I have to get my domain unblacklisted, so thanks for that!

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