Can't connect to Mysql Database


Today i stared using Infinityfree Services. All looks good. I’ve uploaded all my Site scripts into my cPanel and looks to be working fine. But the problem is i’ve created all the database with proper tables and configured the database names as per my Infinityfree account credentials. However when i’m trying to register a new user on my Website ( I’m not able to do so. The reason could be some connection issue with the database.

I also tried to look up here : but still didn’t help.

Can you please help me in fixing this issue. I’ve a demo to give for my work. So please kindly help me on this.

I can see three errors, not coming from the database connection:
Username required, email required and password required, even though I already put them and clicked on the Register button.
Maybe there are some errors in your code. Please correct them and reupload them.

Hello, There is no error in the code. The Scripts works well on my localhost (through xampp)

I’ve used the same scripts but with just different MySQL database & host credentials as per my account.

Please kindly help me on this. Thanks…

You need to wait for the Admin until he checks for the database permissions and, if they’re broken, he will repair them. After that you should be able to connect to the database.

I’m sorry, but why are you unable to save the user details? You suspect it’s a connection issue with the database? If so, can you please share the full database error message you see?

I don’t see any errors on the page myself.

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