Can't connect to FTP, Home directory not available

is it possible delete the domain in the old account and recreate it with the same name (important thing), in the new account without wait 60 days? Is it immediate?

Thank you in advance


On the old accounts control panel, make sure you delete the domain from the Addon/parked/subdomains section BEFORE you delete the account. If you do so, the domain can then be used on another account.


I have the same problems. - Unfortunately, I found that my account was moved to the faulty server. I have definitely been registered here for 5 months, but my account data shows that I created my account 6 days ago (!). I would definitely remember that.
Now the website is completely unusable and I have no chance to access my files via FTP either. So instead of a bug fix, it’s getting worse and worse …

Old IP:
New IP:

Welcome! We don’t move websites to other servers automatically, so I am assuming that you made this change? And if the server was changed, than it makes complete sense that the date was updated, as you have to create a new account to change servers.

I would just migrate your site to a new account again, since you already know the process it should go faster this time.


Thank you for your reply.
No, I definitely did not do this. Yesterday my website was still working (at least temporarily). BTW, why would I create an account on the faulty server? Is it even possible to select this?

You can’t choose, but the automated system can. And AFAIK, iFastNet hasn’t set up anything preventing new accounts from being placed on these temporarily “faulty” servers.

@Skiredj What is your webiste URL?


Thank you for your answer.

But the starting post says exactly that:
If you don’t want to wait for that (or want to help reduce the load), you can create a new hosting account, and migrate your website to the new account. This new hosting account will be created on a different server that doesn’t have these stability issues. And in doing so, you are helping reduce the load for others on the server.

According to this, I should now be on a server that is not affected.
Am I misunderstanding something?

I just checked it. We recently made some changes that should improve data consistency, but it seems that it wiped the account creation and possibly account update timestamps. I’ve put in a note to get it fixed but it may take a few days.

Judging by the account username, your account is indeed not new. So likely it was created long before this server had trouble.

They do this but it’s usually a manual action. It doesn’t look like any new accounts have been created on these servers recently.


My site is also not working.
Site gives 404 error
FTP software gives 421 Home directory not available error.
Unable to connect via File Manager. First it gave Authentication failure error. Now it says it cannot connect. I can connect to and open control panel(Vista Panel).
Softaculous App Installer says : “Something went wrong. We will be back in 20 minutes.”

My site was working fine till last week.

Username: epiz_28936196
Hosting Volume: vol17_2

I’m having the same issue on a client website that I manage for a small virtual book club.

Users are getting “404” errors when they try and access the site. When I log in, it shows the site is active but when I go to the File manager there are no files and my creation date has also been updated to “2022-11-20” even though the site has been active longer. I see that my server is one of the affected server by the stability issues.

Is there anything I need to do? Any ETA on when this might be resolved?


Site details:




Please see this pinned post for more information.