Can't Connect FTP

My website URL is:

What I’m seeing is:

I’m using this software: Filezilla and file manager from control panel

Additional information:

Hello Sir,
I’m doing website editing. when I want to save my FTP can’t connect. help please
I just want to finish my work

same! It reads ‘Cannot read line from socket’ on Monsta file manager

It working now with me! What about you? @Fytoko

I am now having trouble finalizing the upload. I can connect and start uploading but it doesn’t finish

There was some maintenance on the FTP servers earlier today which may have caused some interruption in the service.

Can you please try to upload the files over a desktop FTP client like FileZilla instead. It might be an issue with the file manager, not the FTP sever, which is what this topic is about.

And if you need to upload and extract an archive (for a script or plugin), please extract the archive on your own computer and upload the extracted files manually. Since FTP doesn’t have a way to extract files on the server, that’s pretty much what the file manager has to do as well. And it tends to choke on larger archives.


Thank You So Much Admin, :smile:

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