Can't acesse phpmyadmin

try clear cookies

what i did…
i clear cookie
i chage password from acount
i change password from cpanel
i change the database name
and de error keep on

please help

sorry poor english, i am Brazilian

Don’t ever do this please. It will cause more problems than fix it. It will break a lot of client area functionality, including the phpMyAdmin links.

Could you please reset your password from the client area and then try again?


i just did it

I just checked, and it doesn’t look like you did. The password currently stored in the client area is not the password of your hosting account.

Could you please make sure to update the password through the client area? To be clear, that’s the interface. In there, go to Accounts, click the account, go to Account Settings, and update the password there.


i update the password like you call and now is workin again


I​:heart: U :slight_smile:

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