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Why I can’t access my account/username created here in Infinityfree -softaculous in the site of “”? is there any restrictions for that? and (the latter is the software itself which can be self-hosted; the former is their hosted version of that software, which contains limitations on their free plan which are removable by upgrading to a paid plan) are different; so to access your website’s admin panel you should go on yourdomain/wp-admin, where yourdomain is replaced by your domain, and login with the credentials you created before (if you didn’t compile them the username will be admin and password will be pass), and not go on directly to access it.


Ok so just to confirm, we don’t have an option to edit the website using directly to the site of And the only option is to login first to infinityfree? Tia, cheers!

Try to read this blog


Thanks for this :slightly_smiling_face:

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