Cant access my website afer chaning the DNS of my paid domain to a new host

Hi, 2 days ago I changed the DNS records in my domain provider to point towards a new hosting provider.
the domain is and I had it pointing to infinityfree’s hosting.
Now I cant access to the original in order to download a backup of the website.
Any suggestions on hot go about this situation?
PS: The website is still accessible through the FTP.


For starters, you don’t need your website to work to back it up. If you follow our backup guide, all you need is access to FTP and phpMyAdmin (if you have any databases you need to back up):

In the screenshot, you can see that your website is responding with an HTTP ERROR 500. This issue is caused by your website code crashing. This is generally not a hosting issue. If you would like to fix this, this article provides some pointers on how to get started:


Hey, thanks for the reply,
All i wanted actually is to be able to access to my wordpress and download the website so I can migrate it to my new hosting.
The website was working fine until i set my nameservers to pint to the new hosting.
any thoughts on that?

So you are saying you want to migrate your website to your new hosting. Am I correct? If yes follow these steps. Since you have pointed away from InfinityFree you have to do it manually.

Go to your file manager or FTP Client, go to the folder that says htdocs and transfer all of your files and PHP files and download it to your computer.
Then go to PHPMyAdmin and select your database. If you have only one domain and one install you will only have one DB. After that export the DB. If you don’t know which is your DB go to wp-config.php in your hosting account
Go to your new host. Install a clean version of WordPress. Go to your DB check all drop all and click yes. Go to Import and drop in the existing DB we exported earlier.
Go to the new file manager / FTP and import the website files we took from IF hosting.
And if you didn’t do anything wrong you should the website.

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Again: if you want to migrate your website, you can do so by transplanting the files over FTP and the databases through phpMyAdmin. This is far more reliable than any website’s import/export or migration tools. We always recommend against using backup plugins because of how notoriously unreliable they are.


Make sure wp prefix are identical on both hosts…

Okay guys, I understand. Thanks for your advice on how to procede. :slight_smile:

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Hey, I gave it a go as explained but am getting this error message:

any ideas?

I had to change the Database USername and paswrod, as well as the name of it and SQL hostname…
I am very new to this but it really does look like rocket science. Anyway, thanks for the help again :slight_smile:


Great. For beginners, it really is rocket science haha! @Lubaka if you don’t mind me asking, which is your new host

Hey, yes Ill be moving to hostinger next year, now im provissionally with misshosting.
The thing is, my website kept being put down due to overload and I couldn’t get it why. And that was not convenient when clients wanted to access.

For the database error, please don’t forget to update your wp-config.php file with the database settings of your new hosting provider.

The first two warnings are a bit more annoying, because it appears that some hard coded paths from our servers are in the code and/or configuration. I don’t know how to solve that.

That said, why are you asking this question here? The paths in the screenshot show the site is running on a cPanel host, which we don’t offer. So maybe you could ask your current hosting provider how to make your site work on their systems?

That sounds a bit rude tbh, thought that you guys might know since, as you said, it looked like the error is from this hosting… I just deleted the plugin and they cleared up.

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The issue is solved, right? Your site is accessible! And yes! Hostinger is a great option for beginners and experts! Use Cloudflare as well! Some ISP’s might blacklist IP because of span emails/scam websites etc. So that might be the problem. It also speeds up your website! Good Luck.
ExploreWeb solutions.


Yes, case is solved. Thanks for your help and advice again!


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