Can't access my Site

Hey, I’ve created a site and linked a domain that I bought (I changed the DNS to InfinityFree’s DNS) but I can’t access my site. This error pops up when I try to enter the site: Imgur: The magic of the Internet I’ve made a site before and did the same things like with this site and it worked immediately. What do I do? Can anyone help?

What DNS or Nameservers did you use

It is also important that if you do change the NS to Cloudflare, you set the DNS record through cloudflare only,

I’ve set it in the domain provider website. If I create a subdomain in the vPanel then it creates a subdomain folder in the FTP and if I upload files there then it works, but if I try to access the main site then it doesn’t work. 404 Error always shows up. I had a website with this domain but I removed it from this from this website and linked it to mine. And now It doesn’t work.

When did you create this domain and can you show any DNS records in your registrar?

yesterday. And you mean… this? Imgur: The magic of the Internet

Keep in mind for every subdomain, you need to add a new CNAME record named to be the subdomain of the main domain

What is your registrar’s name?

the domain provider name where I have registered the domain?

yes I have 2 domains here and one works properly without any issues. But just this one doesn’t work, only if I create a subdomain and try to enter the site then it works.

Are you sure this is not a propagation issue?


I’ve read it. I said the domain only works when I create a subdomain for the main domain that I linked. The main domain works too but shows 404 error.

Can you send me the URL of your site and the subdomain? and

Site displays this

Also. Why on the subdomain page the video that I’ve put in the code doesn’t play in the background? I have tested the code and it works properly but just the video doesn’t play on the site.

Chrome has banned the feature to allow autoplay background music

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For me it shows up a 404 Error. I tried cleaning DNS Cache on my PC but none changed.

Chill, your site hasn’t fully propagated yet! so it sometimes works and doesn’timage