Can't acces my website after i did the essentials

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No sponsors currently does not have any sponsors for you.

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i have a subscription from namecheap for domain name,and started to use infinityfree for the hosting, as i saw from some old topics with people having same page,and from youtube video,i made nameserver as shown in guides in namecheap client panel,than i made a custom domain in namecheap panel,i added a ssl certificate from letsencrypt, i also performed a wordpress installation. but now i feel stuck, does need only time to show result or it will stay like that ^^’


It looks like something went wrong when you added the domain to your account.

Open the control panel, and navigate to “Addon Domains”. Delete the domain, refresh the page, than add the domain back in again.

You will then have to move (don’t copy, it’s slower) your files from /htdocs to /


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