Can't acces a fresh website due a 404 [Solved]

Site Url:

I can’t have accses to my wordpress because a 404 page disurpts my acces. I don’t what to do.

I recently got my domain name for hosting and wanted a sub domain for my old website that has gone offline due .ml not working anymore. Now I can’t acces my new site due a 404 page. I installed a fresh website to that directory. I still can’t acces it.

Thank you for the help



Hi and welcome to the forum.
Your website seems to work fine for me, may I ask which exact url do you face this error in?


Hi thank you,

I just found out that on some browser it will work and on others not.

I suspect it has to do something with my cookies and or cache.

If I call correct you should have been at a temp site.

See image.

I will reset my cache and cookies for my browsers.

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This is technically a new website so it will take 72 hours in order to be visible everywhere, mostly due to DNS caching.


Guess I have to wait then,

Thank you for your support.

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For now I will wait 72 hours before I come back to this post

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