Cannot view pdf files

Good day everyone!
Why I cannot see my uploaded pdf files in my page though it was successfully upload in my database and in my current folder for that?

my codes are correct and tested before uploading here, but still its not showing and fiy that my file size is not 0 in fact it is the same as the file before it was uploaded.

Please help me…

Can you share your PHP code and the contents of the database?

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if your pdf’s are > 10MBytes then they will be automatically deleted by the server

if this is not the case then please share a screenshot of the directory listingm thanks


Looking at the contents returned by that URL, it tries to include an iframe that includes the URL uploaded/ #toolbar=1. I would guess the space in there is supposed to be the file name instead? If so, there is likely an issue in your code.

That said, I would like to point out, as others have done, that file sharing sites, including ebook sharing sites, are not allowed on our hosting.


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