Cannot view files of my website and control panel options

For sometime now, we are not being able to access our website and hosting account files and control panel options. Help needed on this matter.

File manager:


Control panel:

Screen shots?


Make sure you’re not suspended.
Edit: Give us screenshots

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Can you try to use vpn?

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How to check whether we are suspended or not?

A suspended account does not result in the file manager and control panel being completely unreachable. When an account is suspended, it should be very obvious that the account is suspended.

Everything seems fine now from my end, but it could be a temporary hiccup in the hosting platform.


Your site works fine and not suspended.

It might be a problem with your internet. If you still cannot view them.

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Im sorry my mistake. Your not suspended though.

I think your internet is censored and might blocking InfinityFree / IFastNet websites. Consider using VPN.

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Maybe this could help you.

  • Disable your antivirus and firewall
  • Clear browsing cache
  • Restart your router and your PC
  • Change your DNS Settings to
  • Use cmd ‘ipconfig/flushdns’ & ‘netsh winsock reset catalog’

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