Cannot use any caching/optimisation plugins

I cannot use any optimisation plugins. I’ve tried most such as Litespeed Cache, WP-Rocket, to imagify and others, but none of them work. I really need to optimise my site as it loads too slow, can anyone help?


The best way to do it is to allow wp-cron to run more often. The best way to do that is to create a cron job in the control panel, and set it to load your homepage every 15 minutes or so.

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ok thanks i have done that, but i still want to be able to use the plugins, for easier use. Is there anyway you could look at my site, and tell me if there’s anything wrong with the configuration or something?

Caching plugins are not recommended on free hosting.

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but i’ve seen a thread on here where people use litespeed and it was recommended.

InfinityFree doesn’t use litespeed servers. Caching plugins are not recommended, as they increase origin server load.

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well damn, i really need to speed up this website, it’s for coursework purposes and i need to get a good grade. What will the cron job do?

Somewhat yes.

I do recommend to use a caching plugin. But please do make sure to use a caching plugin, not multiple plugins, and use a plugin that actually caches stuff, which Imagify doesn’t (it’s for image optimization, which can be helpful to your site as a whole, but slows down WordPress itself). And don’t use something that relies on server software that we don’t have (like LiteSpeed Cache).

And please note that in general, the more plugins you add to WordPress, the slower it becomes. So make sure to not use more plugins than you need, and definitely don’t run multiple plugins which do the same thing (multiple caching plugins, multiple image optimization plugins).

It depends on the kind of slowness. If it’s just the first request being slow and subsequent pages being fast, then it’s definitely wp-cron. But if subsequent pages are also slow, then it’s caused by something else.


ok thank you so what caching plugin do you recommend?

I personally use this on premium hosting: W3 Total Cache – WordPress plugin |


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