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I tried earlier to try to edit the .htaccess file (in the htdocs folder) now when I want to save there is an alert that there is no .htaccess file, even though I didn’t delete it, and when I want to upload, the upload was successful, only the .htaccess file did not appear, although I tried in Filezilla it was also successful in uploading the .htaccess, but it could not appear. appears shortly after it’s gone, the cake is deleted by the same system

Make sure .htaccess file is less than 10kb


But the size of .htaccess is 13.5 kb, and it can’t be deleted the code, because it’s important all the code, if something is deleted, my web automatically goes down can not be accessed, any other solutions?

Upgrade to premium hosting.
Or if your .htaccess have a lot of comments try deleting them.


You can:

  • Split the .htaccess file across multiple directories if all the rules do not apply to the directory you are trying to upload the file to
  • Remove comments
  • Remove duplicated code
  • Condense multiple rules into one, if possible

delete it and reupload it

Deleting and reuploading wouldn’t help at all, considering this is a file size issue (and that it wasn’t able to be uploaded in the first place). The advice offered by @Frank419 and @Greenreader9 can help reduce its size and as such be allowed by the system to get uploaded.


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