Cannot request SSL Certificate

Hi all.

Recently, I created a free hosting account of InfinityFree. I have configured the records to require SSL certificates and all of them are valid.

However, when I tried to click the Request SSL Certificate button, I got an error: Failed (code #0)

Click here to see the image
Another image

I have tried 7 times all but failed. The display status is pending and then an error :<

My domain:
My username: epiz_25382156

Sorry, I have to insert the image as a hyperlink because I am a new member so I can only upload 1 photo.

Hm… You wait 24h, aren’t you?

but your site has ssl?

It now does, as I checked and it worked with HTTPS. So I could finally say that this problem was already resolved.

Thank you everyone, everything is now working fine :slight_smile:


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