Cannot Remove redirect

Username (e.g. epiz_XXX) or Website URL


Error Message

504 Gateway Time-out

Other Information

In Redirects I chose the required domain name, and clicking the “Alter Redirects” button, there is a minutes-long delay before an error page loads saying " 504 Gateway Time-out".

On further attempts I got the following error message:

It appears the document root for the domain name **** does not exist, please contact support 89347349288

We’ve had some technical issues this morning, which may have impacted file access as well. Could you please try again now?


Just retried and got the same error message :frowning:

That’s very strange. I just tried it on your account and see the same error message you see.

It’s strange because the document root of your website definitely exists.

The Redirects tool in the control panel is a bit clumsy and sometimes has weird errors. That’s why I built a different Redirects tool in the client area that should be more sturdy.

In the mean time, you can remove the redirect from your website by hand.

  1. Open the file manager and navigate to the folder of your subdomain.
  2. Open the file called .htaccess in the editr.
  3. Find the lines that start with redirectMatch. These are the redirects setup by the control panel.
  4. Remove that line from the file.
  5. Save the updated file.

Thanks. That worked fine.
And thanks for the tip on the alternative redirects method.

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