Cannot point domains towards servers

Note: You must set your domains name servers to the following before adding the domain to this system:

My username is [epiz_27038054] I’m not quite sure what this message means. I see nowhere to set the domain name servers to specific URL’s so wonder how I do it. I have a free subdomain and have only been on Infinity free for less than a day. Where do you change the DNS settings on a subdomain? I have used the File Manager and noticed the page that provides content. My website has nothing on it. So my question is: How do I set my domain servers to the 2 addresses and is it even necessary? Thank you in advance.

Hello there,

Where did you see that error? Can you provide a screenshot? What were you doing to get that error? because you can’t change nameservers of a subdomain.

I think this just means for domains that are registered from a different host. So you point the servers towards Infinityfree hosts. Is that correct? Meaning this doesn’t apply to my subdomain, so everything is okay.

Yes that is correct and it doesn’t apply to the free subdomains available for you to use here. That message box was only like a memo to let clients know that you can only add your custom domains here if your custom domain is already pointed to InfinityFree’s servers.


Thank you for confirming this.

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