Cannot log in via File Manager or Filezilla

Website URL

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Error Message Error: Critical error: Could not connect to server

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Once again I cannot logi either way.

I am entering correct user name and passowrd as per FTP


Please try using desktop FTP software like FileZilla, and share the logs from the application if you continue to experience issues.


I just checked and the file manager is working fine from here. If you’re having trouble using FTP, please check the credentials you are using because if the file manager it works, it means FTP access is working for your account.


hmm that is strange

make sure that filezilla is connecting to
and that the ftp password at*******your epiz account number******/ftp Details are correct

sometimes when using copy/paste from that password you’ll end up with some extra spaces so try typing the password into filezilla

if that still doesnt work then there is something wrong for sure


Thanks all.

there was something weird with my ftp password.

Before I got ur responses I managed to change it vis cpanel.



It is generally not recommended to update your password via the control panel, as the password will not be synced with the one stored on the client area and as such you may face issues.
I’d recommend changing it (once more) via the Account Settings section in your client area to prevent such an issue.


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