Cannot install WooCommerce

Hello, I have a problem with the installation of WooCommerce on my WordPress website.
Can I get support for that what causes this problem it’s very important for me.
If you can contact with me on HIDDEN BY MOD - PII I’ll be very happy :slight_smile:

Use this method. You have to install via ftp

Definitely! Just describe the problem here and many people will be happy to help you. This is the only official support channel for InfinityFree after all.


I fixed the problem. It was from the newest version of WooCommerce. I don’t know what causes the problem for installing 5.0.0(latest release of the plugin). I fixed it by installing 4.9. Thanks anyway

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I can try to help figure out what causes the problem, but so far I don’t even know what is the problem. Can you please elaborate?


İ installed from the control panel of my hosting the Wordpress. Then i tried to install the latest version 5.0 of Woocommerce plugin from th web based plugin installer of the CMS and İ was getting an error code like(İ dont remember now exectly the code):: Problem in unpacking of the zip of the plugin. Then İ uploaded from the ftp 4.9 version of WooCommerce and İnstalled it. There are no problems with older versions of the plugin

Could be that the file size limit is the issue. You could try a manual installation with FTP to work around that.

Running outdated versions of plugins is generally not recommended because they may not get security updates, which may leave your website vulnerable to being hacking.

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