Cannot install uploaded plugins

Username epiz_31885406

Error Message

“Failed to Write File to Disk”.

Other Information

I have not been able to install any uploaded plugins to my site. I was perpetually stuck in "installing, then. I’ve had to delete it and restart it several times. Now I am getting the above disk writing error.

I have tried installing the plugin via Softalicious - and it still doesn’t show under Installed Plugins to be activated even in Softilicious AFTER it’s said it’s successfully installed.

I just want to install NicePage - and yes, I’ve ensured it’s the latest version. Any help is appreciated.

Can you take a screenshot of the sidebar in the control panel?



Thanks for the reply -

Sorry, I meant the InfintiyFree control panel. Apologies for the confusion.


Is this correct?

Click on the green control panel button and share a screenshot of that page then.


No, should be side panel of the control panel


3rd time’s the charm? Maybe next time just say “the side panel of the control panel” LOL!

Thank you for being specific.

Looks like you’re near or hit your disk quota.


Haha. Yep, that’s what I wanted. The disk quota is 5gb, so you are not close to it, that’s not the issue.

My guess is the installer is trying to upload a file that is too big for the server to handle. Can you try installing it manually over FTP? Take note that the max file size is 10mb, so you may have to extract the zip folder on your PC before uploading it.


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