Cannot get into WP admin or site

My website URL is []

What I’m seeing is:
When I try to login to the Wordpress admin area I get this message:
“The site is experiencing technical difficulties. Please check your site admin email inbox for instructions.”
I have received no e-mails about this.
When I go to the webpage I get this message and this is what customers will see:
“The site is experiencing technical difficulties.”

I’m using this software:
Installed all via yourselves no other software used Softaculous to install Wordpress.

Additional information:

Try on Softaculous to go to the installed apps, click on the red X to remove the app, and reinstall it, and maybe wait for caching.

I have my site full of content etc I don’t want to lose all this. If I remove the app will I not lose everything?

Yes, you will lose anything and you need to start over. Maybe the WordPress updates have ruined something on our (even your) WordPress. iFastNet should increase by 5 MB the upload limit, but this will increase the abuse quantity of their server resources because of spam sites, phishing sites, etc that we don’t allow because there are TOS like on other affiliates of Byethost.

not great is it - i suppose if you use something cheap you get bad result

I’m sorry, but am I missing something? How do you know this issue is caused by the upload limit?

If the upload was cut off, this would be detected when WordPress tries to extract the archive, which should not cause this issue to occur. More likely, the download was successful but the installation got interrupted because of script time limits.

But I don’t know what the state of the website and the installation was when the maintenance page was active.

What were you doing on your site @helphelp just before you saw this notice? Were you installing any updates, plugins or themes?

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