Cannot connect via FTP

Cannot connect to website via FTP or the online cPanel directory viewer. I get a 530 error using Cyberduck and when I try the online one it says “Error! Too many login attempts. Please try again in 5 minutes.” This started about 15 minutes ago. I was using the online file viewer and all of a sudden it was not responding, and now I can’t connect via FTP or the online viewer. Is anyone else having this issue? No, not an April Fool’s Day joke.

Can you send your websites URL please? Thanks.

Could you please try the instructions from this article?

It’s working now, and yes I had already tried everything in that article. It was not an issue with anything I was doing, as I had said it was working just fine and then out of the blue it was not. It’s possible it was an issue with my WiFi network and not the server. But the account was not suspended and I was using correct credential with Cyberduck and the online file manager. It started working again about 30 mins after it first started being a problem.

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