Cannot connect do Mysql DB

Username epiz_29606703

i cant login to

Error Message

This page isn’t working right now redirected you too many times.

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I’ve got a second (and third) browser installed on my machine for this purpose (among others) so that, if something doesn’t work using my default chrome installation, I can fire up firefox, opera, vivaldi or (eeew) MS Edge/IE and go again. Saves having to clear the cache etc when SHIFT + F5 fails.

On a related note, I find the cache clearing on Chrome to be confusing, convoluted and just not easy at all. If I want to clear just for one site, I find that I cannot. I can only clear all the settings for every website I have visited within a specific time period, for example the last hour… and then, if I have visited a favourite site of mine within the last hour, it clears all that cache too, so I have to login again, etc.

Your can bowser open dev tools and check the “Disable Cache” check mark before a reload.

Why I have a browser just for testing.

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