Cannot add account

I try to add a second account from “Add account” button, but it’s given me this error:
The name is not the correct format. A name can contain letters, numbers and dashes, but cannot start or end with a dash.
I also add your nameservers to my domain registry (

Please help !

forgot to mention the site name:, so, as you can see there are no dashes nor at the beginning or the end.

Please note that the account name is not a domain name, it’s just an internal name you can use to identify the account. You can learn how to add your domain to an account here:

So when I try to add a new account name without .ro, it automatically add at the end
Also on the support page is stated: “There are multiple ways you can add the domain name as an account. You can create it as a new account or add it to an existing account”, and from this I understand that I should put as account name the entire domain name, .
I also have another account,, how come that account worked and this one not?

We updated the account creation process recently. It was possible before to add a domain name when creating an account, but the process was not as user friendly as we’d like.

Ok, thanks for support. I’ve manage to add it to my first account, in Add domain section.