Cannot activate SSL on my external domain

Username : epiz_31610507

Error Message

SSL certificate error: Your domain’s nameservers didn’t respond correctly. Please make sure you are only using and nameservers

Other Information

The domain check says everything is ok (for the nameservers), but when trying to get an SSL certificate with Let’s Encrypt, it says everything is ok for the CNAME destination but when I click on “Verify domain” I get the error above. What am I missing?

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Kindly share your domain name

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Yes sorry, here it is :

When you made changes in nameserver?
Have you tried any other SSL provider?

I changed the nameservers on my custom domain (from OVHCLOUD) this saturday. Everything else looks ok but not for SSL.

I also tried Zero SSL, getting the following error:

SSL certificate error: An unknown error occurred. Please try again later.

Name server looks good. Have you checked CNAME records once?

Yeah CNAME records were OK too.

Will try signing up directly on Cloudflare to generate the certificate, might be a solution. Thanks for your help, u actually gave me the idea of trying something else than Let’s Encrypt / ZeroSSL :slight_smile:

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Zerossl usually gives such errors. Try gogetssl or self signed with cloudflare

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