Cannot access word press login page


When I tried to access your wp-login.php and wp-admin pages, they all have somewhat the same error:

  • ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS for /wp-admin
  • HTTP ERROR 508 (Loop Detected) for wp-login.php`.

Both means that your site is under a redirect loop problem meaning a URL is points to another URL which points back to the original URL. Example: URL 1 → URL 2 → URL 1 → URL 2 → URL 1 and so on…

Try doing the following steps which worked for me last time:

  1. Access your site files via FTP
  2. Rename your .htaccess file
  3. If you can now visit your wp-admin/wp-login.php without an issue then login to your admin account.
  4. Go to the Settings Section and go to the Permalinks option.
  5. Just click the “Save Changes” button.

Also create a new .htaccess file and insert this default WP .htaccess code:

Your other .htaccess file that you’ve renamed will serve as your backup.