Cannot access with user and password on website

I recently installed a plugin that changes the url of the login page, maybe by mistake i didn’t configured it. it didn’t work properly, access denyed with 404 page, I’ve deleted it via ftp , but still can’t access with my user and password (request to put user and pass again) , i dont know what to do, if the problem from your server please help.

Well, to help you properly I would like to know two things:

  • What software do you use for your website?
  • What is the URL which should serve the login page?

Thank you for your support
I use wordpress
The plugin that caused me this problem is called: Hide WP Admin and Login
URL of the login page which appears:
Now the whole website is not working (error 404), ecxept home page.

For starters, I see a login page on the URL you listed, so that seems to be working OK.

However, for the custom URLs to work, your website needs to have a file called .htaccess in the htdocs directory, which is missing. You could rename the other file with a similar name, or you could install a default WordPress .htaccess instead which should fix the custom URLs. Just Google for it and you’ll find the contents you should paste into the file.

Thank you very much for your support,
I did as you told me, I overwrite the old corrupted htaccess file and created a default one, the website works fine (no 404 page), but still I was unable to access with user and password, I have tried many solutions as shown here: Login Trouble « WordPress Codex ,but nothing at all, still login page refreshing.
The good news,when i check the config.php file i found something like this: define(‘WP_admin COOKIES’, path); //Added by Hide-login-Urls
I deleted the ligne and finnaly all worked good. that plugin changed the configuration of config.php file.
thank you.