Can you remove my domain from another account?

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(Can you remove my domain from another account?)

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The error message means that you have used that domain with another iFastNet provider (host). Remove your domain from that host and then add your domain to InfinityFree. You can remove it by going onto the Vistapanel and click ‘addon domains’, then click remove.


I cannot access my account where I use my domain name, I forgot the account. Can you delete it?

No. Because hostinger isn’t powered by us.
Edit : If your domain is assigned to another hosting account provided by us (ie hosting us InfinityFree)
Then either admin can remove it.


You need to manually remove the domain from your Hostinger hosting account. And we can’t help you with this or delete it…

Please try to recover your forgotten account by an email recovery link and then remove the domain from hostinger.

Your account is still assigned to an account which was suspended before. Domains assigned to suspended accounts are locked in place and cannot be used on another account. If you would like to use that domain, please submit a request for the account to be reactivated.

Also, creating multiple client area profiles to get around the 3 account limit is not allowed.


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