Can you please unextract the file on my directory please?

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I need to extract the tar.gz file Am without PC and unable to achieve it. Ill take it from there.
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No, we’re not going to upload your files for you. We provide the hosting, it’s up to you to manage your website.

And please remember that this is a community support forum, most people can’t even do this for you anyways.

Depending on the archive, you may be able to extract it with the online file manager. But with large archives (especially those with many files), it may break.

The most reliable way to get the files in an archive on your site is to extract it on your own computer and upload the extracted folder with FTP. On basically any desktop operating system this should be easy with FileZilla.

I don’t know how (or if) you can do this on Android or iOS.


Cant you unextract it from terminal?

Possibly can be done on Android, no such more on iOS. By the way, great initiative, way to go!

The file in question is already uploaded to the main directory outside the pub_html directory only waited to be extracted

Figured it out Somehow. Anyways, Thanks Again!! And please let me know if there are any issues!

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No. Again: we’re not going to manage your files for you.

A server admin could in theory do it. But please keep in mind that this is free hosting, and our server admins have many things to do. Their first and foremost responsibility is to make sure the hosting runs works correctly for everyone.

So extracting archives for free users who don’t have access to a PC right now is very low on their list of priorities.


Theoretically? And you are not even going to Ponder how I managed to pull that one off?

A server admin has access to the server, which means that he or she can manage the file systems and the files within.

As for pondering how you managed, that really isn’t a concern for us :slight_smile: If it was, we probably would have asked you. The important part is that you found out how.


So basically I archived parts of the directory containing 1207 files to multiple. Downloaded them to my phone, uploaded them via the WebGUI FTP and successfuly unextracted them


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