Can you increase my upload size from just 10mb to 20mb

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The uploaded file exceeds the upload_max_filesize directive in php.ini.

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I want to upload my theme which size is only 16mb and the limit of upload is 10mb. so can you please increase the size of upload to 16mb or 20mb?

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It’s not possible cause the limit is set by upper stream company in Freehosting… To increase the limit you would need to upgrade to premium hosting or If it is zip you can manually extract and upload it via FTP


oh okay I will try with FileZilla FTP.


how can I access .htaccess file? any idea?

You’ll have to go to your domain’s htdocs folder; there you can create a .htaccess file or modify the existing one if there is already one in that folder. The .htaccess file in the root folder will always say to not edit this file and to add the custom rules inside the one inside your domain’s htdocs folder, which is what I told you.


Just to let you know, you cannot raise the upload limit with .htaccess rules. The limit is 10 MB and cannot be increased in any way.


I am asking you, as well as other users who have no experience with this hosting,
to refrain from copy/pasting online content or using AI to generate responses as they are not applicable on this hosting and only further confuse the OP.


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