Can you improve the file manager?

Can you improve the file manager? It’s very inconvenient to operate. Especially, it’s very difficult to copy and paste multiple files. How to upload files larger than 10MB to the server for display

Use FileZilla, it’s way better and faster

You can’t, and there is not way to change it.



if you mind about file size just use an ftp client

Well no. No matter how you upload the files, files over 10MB will be automatically deleted.


FileZilla can’t connect. It can only be connected in an unsafe way,

You should really use FTP with Explicit TLS. Unsecure FTP is very bad and should be avoided at all costs. Our FTP server supports it and has an SSL certificate signed by a trusted authority so you can make sure the connection is trusted.
Issues like this can be caused by bad FTP ALG settings in your router, using Passive FTP when you should be using Active FTP (or the other way around) or just by a block at your network somehow (which can usually be bypassed with a VPN).


Short answer: no.

It’s a PHP application that interacts with our FTP server, and both are not that powerful for file manager. PHP is single threaded so no parallel uploads, and FTP only supports very basic file operations unlike, say, Explorer on your computer or cPanel’s file manager which can use native file operations which are MUCH faster and more versatile.

Hypothetically, it would be possible for iFastNet to develop a “native” file manager which doesn’t use FTP and is much faster. But there are some major technical challenges that make that hard to do. So don’t count on it happening soon.


Hey, not trying to pester or waste time, I’m just curious:
Couldn’t you detect when an end user tries to upload multiple files and queue them to avoid parallelizing the uploads?
Feel free to disregard this,

You’re definitely not pestering! I’m happy to respond to useful suggestions!

The thing is that ideally you want to parallelize the uploads. If you’re uploading a large number of files, uploading them one by one takes a VERY long time, so you don’t want that to happen. FileZilla does this by creating multiple upload processes which can upload multiple files at the same time.

But PHP doesn’t really have a good way to do multiple simultaneous uploads. There is no good async tools or threading to handle multiple file uploads in a lightweight way.

And then there is the thing that uploading thousands of files over FTP takes a long time regardless of the tools you’re using. Extracting a 10 MB script on your computer takes seconds, but the upload over FTP can take half an hour. Getting that archive extracting to work in seconds just isn’t possible with FTP.


That makes sense, thanks a lot for your time!
I really appreciate the staff engagement on this forum, it’s outstanding.


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